Sertaline 100mg – A Wonder Drug for Treating Depression

Sertraline hydrochloride is one of the most popular depression treating medicines available in the market. Depression in itself is a pretty diverse condition, and Sertraline is specially designed to minimize panic disorders, post trauma conditions and social anxiety issues. This medicine has a unique action, as it often increases the symptoms in beginning and may even create thoughts of suicide or self harm, but later on things start getting better. In the beginning users need special attention so that they may not harm themselves. In America, this medicine is the most commonly prescribed medicine for people suffering from depression. Sertraline 100mg is the most commonly prescribed dosage of this drug.

Clinical Studies

A vast number of clinical studies showed that Sertraline 100mg is great to treat depression. The early clinical trials showed no significant results, but further studies showed that it is one of the best medicines to treat depression in outpatients. People that have met accidents are not able to come back to normal life, and this medicine helps all such people to come back to normal life. The drug has been in use since the past 4 decades, and despite all of its side effects, it is considered as one of the best ones to treat several physic disorders. The side effects can be controlled, but only if they are reported to the physician.

Who Should Not Use This Medicine

Sertraline 100mg is not good for everyone, and it should only be given to people that can bear it. In the beginning patients are usually given a lighter dose. The doctor must know complete medical history of the patient before any decision regarding prescription is taken. The following people should never use this medicine: Ones that have attempted suicide in past. Ones having liver problems. Diabetic persons. Ones that have less blood in their body. Are more than sixty five years old. Have clotting issues. Are or have been insane in past. Are sensitive to any ingredient of this medicine. Are less than eighteen years old.

Impact on Life

This medicine can affect a number of things in a person’s life. People that love alcohol, grapefruits or grapefruit juice should quit using them as this medicine can interact with them and increase the level of Sertraline hydrochloride in the blood. This medicine can also impact a person’s physical activities such as driving and machine handling. People using this medicine may not be able to do physical tasks really well, which is why any dangerous activities should be avoided. This medicine also has an impact on pregnancy and breast feeding, and most doctors do not recommend using it during these two phases of life. People using this medicine are highly advised not to share it with anyone else, as it may lead to dangerous circumstances.

Side Effects

People using Sertraline 100mg may face one or many of these side effects: Increase in food requirements. Digestion disorders. Vision issues. Lack of sex drive, horrible dreams, nausea, muscular pain, stomach pain, drowsiness.


Overall Sertraline 100mg is a wonderful drug, but it should only be used when it has been prescribed by a physician. Doctors consider several factors before prescribing a drug to anyone, and the sufferer or anyone else cannot make the right decision due to lack of medical knowledge.

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