Sertraline Hydrochloride Side Effects You Should Know About In Advance

Listed below are the sertraline hydrochloride side effects that you really should know about in advance. It is important to point out that not everybody that takes this particular drug is going to have a reaction to it, but enough people do to merit these side effects being mentioned by the various manufacturers.

What is sertraline hydrochloride?

Prior to discussing the side effects it does make sense to quickly mention just exactly what this drug is and there is a good chance you may know it by its trade name, which is Zoloft. Basically it is a drug that is designed to help people suffering from panic attacks OCD, depression and anxiety and it is, therefore, classed as being an SSRI drug or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. This then means it can help lift someones mood and it is a drug that has widespread usage in various countries around the world.

The most common side effects.

As with any drug there are some side effects that are more common, and indeed less serious, than others and sertraline hydrochloride is no different. The list of side effects are quite long, but it is important to point out that you will only require medical attention if they persist or get worse over a number of days, but most people will not require this and they will ease by themselves.

The common things people get include anxiety, insomnia, a decrease in your interest in sex, feeling nervous, sweating more, and general drowsiness. People often tend to suffer from an upset stomach including vomiting, feeling dizzy, diarrhea, constipation, a dry mouth and losing their appetite. All of this can then lead to some weight loss as well, but for some people it will be directly related to being sick and the upset stomach.

Rarer and more severe side effects.

There are some side effects that are more severe and you will be best to seek some medical attention right away if you do actually have any of them. It has to be pointed out that a very small percentage of people get them and indeed some of the reactions may not have even been due to the drug, but it is best to be careful and get advice from your doctor.

These rarer side effects include a serious allergic reaction and this is characterised by a tight feeling in your chest, problems with your breathing, a rash, itchy and some swelling appearing around your mouth, lips and tongue. Apart from this reaction people may feel an increase in their anxiety and depression including strong suicidal thoughts and this may of course result in being more aggressive, agitated, and an increase in the number of panic attacks. Aside from the mental aspect there may also be coordination problems, changes to your heartbeat, fainting, blood in your stools, changes to your vision and a tendency to bruise more easily. Do note that with these side effects there can be some secondary things linked to them such as problems with your concentration of issues with your bladder that you also need to be aware of.

Those are, therefore, the side effects to be aware of when taking sertraline hydrochloride and they may sound pretty bad, but do just remember that most people will not have any of them at all. Your doctor will have given you the drug as they believe the positives outweigh the negatives so keep that in mind as they would not have put you in any danger.

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