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How Depression Works in the Brain

In a beauty pageant, one of the lovely candidates was asked which one is more important, the heart or the brain? The candidate answered “the brain”. According to that candidate, the brain is the “be all and all of a person”. The brain dictates over anything else. Without the brain, there would be a bunch […]

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Zoloft Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreaming is a happening in someone’s life that is at the same time wanted and despised by many. These dreams may be positive or they can cause fear too. Vivid dreams are a dream that may feel true, and includes multiple senses. If an individual is having a vivid dream it may be hard […]

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Taking Zoloft during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate state for a woman because she is basically giving life to another. While the mother is on its pregnancy stage, this is another way of saying that she is nurturing something inside so that when that little life comes out, it will not only live but will be born healthy. What […]

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