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Why Sertraline Is Preferred For Postnatal Depression

SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors usually are the preferred medication for the management of postnatal depression. Sertraline for postnatal depression is one of the most recommended drugs for mothers who are breastfeeding. Sertraline also is utilized to relieve depression and severe anxiety during pregnancy to be able to prevent postnatal depression in women who […]

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Is It Safe To Take In Sertraline During Pregnancy?

The primary treatment of choice for the most kinds of depression is Sertraline. This medication could help in relieving your symptoms as well as keep you feeling good. However, when you are at present pregnant then there is more into the story. Here are some of the things which you have to know about sertraline […]

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Taking Zoloft during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate state for a woman because she is basically giving life to another. While the mother is on its pregnancy stage, this is another way of saying that she is nurturing something inside so that when that little life comes out, it will not only live but will be born healthy. What […]

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