Taking Zoloft during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate state for a woman because she is basically giving life to another. While the mother is on its pregnancy stage, this is another way of saying that she is nurturing something inside so that when that little life comes out, it will not only live but will be born healthy.

What a mother should do while in that stage is to eat healthy foods to contribute to the nutrients taken by the child. Whatever the mother takes is also taken by the child. This makes it crucial and dangerous. If the mom smokes and drinks beer or coffee, it will unstoppably enter into the system of the developing child.

Taking Zoloft during Pregnancy

So, a child begets Zoloft if the mom is taking Zoloft during pregnancy. The mention of this antidepressant comes into the picture because a lot of pregnant women experience too much depression. They get depressed because they get fat and they could no longer wear sexy dresses. They get depressed because they just stay at home. This is so common among working girls that are used to hectic schedule. However, a non-pregnant woman taking up an antidepressant differs from a woman who is pregnant because the latter’s condition is so fragile and sensitive.

There are risks you need to see beforehand. There are possible birth defects and sickness that may develop in the child due to the effect of the intake of such medicine. When the child is out, there is a possibility of limb malformation, heart defects and others still being studied by researchers. In another vein, there are women who attest that defects are extremely low after taking up Zoloft and others similar.

All of these things are risky for the child. It is advisable to refer always to the doctor whether the intake of such medicine is dangerous or not.

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