Zoloft Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreaming is a happening in someone’s life that is at the same time wanted and despised by many. These dreams may be positive or they can cause fear too. Vivid dreams are a dream that may feel true, and includes multiple senses. If an individual is having a vivid dream it may be hard to tell if a person is really awake. The cause of vivid dreaming is wide in variety. Some causes may be due to food intake or emotional status and even medication. Zoloft vivid dreams are caused by an individual’s in-take of Zoloft or Sertraline.

Different Causes of Vivid Dreams

One reason for vivid dreams can be associated to psychology as well as your life experiences, take for example individuals who are experiencing transitions in life such as marriage, divorce, death, etc.

Zoloft Vivid Dreams

Another reason for having these dreams is attributed to one’s diet. Plenty of people seem to take note that intake of spicy or even oily foods prior to bed time can trigger nightmares. Supplements are also a contributing factor. People who are taking in vitamin B6 often notice a frequency of having vivid dreams.

Vivid Dreams caused by Zoloft

Lastly a unique reason for having vivid dreams is Zoloft. This medication appears to aid people in having increased awareness and minimizing depression. But these medications can also lead to vivid dreams. But keep in mind that there are a lot of factors for having vivid dreams. In addition, every person’s brain chemistry varies which may explain why every person has a different cause of having vivid dreams. So it’s not necessarily Zoloft that causes these dreams.

If ever it is really necessary for you to use Sertraline and the drug seem to be inducing vivid dreaming, do not worry. Consult with your physician for other alternatives. Who knows? That may only be an initial effect of the medication. Putting effort in making your dreams work and heeding to your mental health may take a lifetime. But if you do so, you will acquire a lot of learning from your dream experiences.

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